Our experienced bathers are thorough and professional. They give excellent baths, do nails, clean and pluck ears, express anal glands, and brush teeth. We call this the complete "B-NEAT" package. We use only the best shampoos and conditioners available for your pet's specific needs.

B-NEAT Package Discount 
$20-$80 | B
+$8         | Nails
+$8         | Ears
+$8         | Anal Gland Expression
+$8         | Teeth

w/out a bath
$15    | Nails
$15    | Ears
$15    | Anal Gland Expression
$15    | Teeth

Bath only customers usually get in very quickly.

**Bows, bandanas, and perfumes are by request. Let us know your preference. They are included.**

Phone: 919-942-6870
Email: loveoverboardkennels@gmail.com
Address: 710 W. Rosemary St, Carrboro, NC 27510